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an ethically sourced jade roller with rose gold hardware

Rose Gold Jade Facial Roller

Earth Harbor
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About me | Made from hand-polished grade-A gemstone and rose gold hardware, this facial massage tool comes from a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice that every skincare ritual can benefit from. As one of the most beautifying healing stones, Jade is known to soothe tension and stress, ease anxiety, and balance 'chi'—all of which contribute to having happy skin.

How to use me | Using gentle pressure and short strokes, start by rolling from the center of the face moving outwardly. Use with a serum or facial oil to improve product absorption while you get all of the skin benefits. 

Pro tip: For even greater skin benefits and relaxation, place in the refrigerator or on ice. The extra temperature drop for this already naturally cold stone can further increase feelings of circulation, lymph node drainage, detoxification, sinus relief, and self-love.